[align=left]If there are any Muslims that do anything that is wrong we should realize that this is an individual who happens to be Muslim, therefore, one’s deeds are not to be attributed to the religion. Just as in a Judeo-Christian society like the United States, whenever a Jew or a Christian perpetrates a crime it is not attributed to Judaism or Christianity. Thus, the bad that the Muslims may do is not to be associated with Islam.

Since the creation of humankind there has been an opposition for Islam to exist in its pristine purity and total completeness and the forces against it are still prevalent today. Frequently, we hear negative things concerning Muslims which are actually attempts at marring the beauty of Islam.

The intent of this letter is to make all of its readers aware that the reason for our very existence is to worship only God. So, at this point it becomes fitting to mention what Islam is. The exclusive objective of Islam is to worship only the Lord of the universe- Allah- known as God in English. Islam is a verbal –noun in Arabic that literally means to yield, to resign, to submit it also means to be blamelessly intact; and safe and sound. The religious meaning is to believe in God and the prophethood of Muhammad (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam), to formally pray five times daily, to annually pay a purifying alms-tax, to observe a fast everyday during Ramadan from dawn to sunset, to make pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a lifetime ( if he has the ability to do so).

Everything in Islam is for worship of God and only God and for none other than God. Consequently, one must maintain the pure and correct concept of Him. One must believe that God exists; that He is the sole Creator, Owner and Administrator of the universe; His unique and completely perfect Names and Attributes are absolute without any deficiencies or limitations whatsoever; and as previously stated, there is none worthy of worship except Him, therefore, He has exclusive Godship. If one does not maintain the concept, then he/she is guilty of the unforgivable sin of polytheism.

Faithful Muslims also believe in the angels, the divinely-revealed ******ures, all the Messengers of God, the Last Day and the good and evil consequences of decree/predestination. It is form the six above mentioned requirements of faith, particularly the first one, that this letter will mention how some of the popular ideologies contrast with God’s revelation which is the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah (exemplary practice) of the final Prophet and Messenger Muhammad, the son of Abdullah.


They question whether God, angels and other spiritual beings exists or not, doubting (as atheists deny) that the galaxy, air vehicles, eggs, trees, etc., are created by God due to their uncertainty (denial) of His existence. This is polytheism because if God didn’t do it then someone other than Him had to, and this is obvious falsehood because God is the sole Creator of everything.


They have blatantly disobeyed God, changed His revelation because they didn’t like the ordinances, and murdered several of His prophets, among many other heinous acts towards God. All of this reveals a contempt to worship none besides God because they put their desires, whims and caprice before His word.


Their god, Ahura Mazda, shares his sovereignty with an opposing god, Angra Mainyu. This belief denies God as the sole Owner of the universe, thereby, denying part of His Lordship.


Their supreme being Brahma Forms a trinity with Vishnu and Shiva (as Christians do with Jesus and the Holy spirit), thereby, negating God as the sole Godhead and Lord.

[Excerpts From: Hudaa August 1993][/align]